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Tampa or Florida TS strip clubs

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Anyone know of any TS strip clubs in Tampa?  Is Players Anonymous still around?  Heading to Florida Monday and didn’t want to head all the way to Hollywood for ClubXtra or whatever is called now a days


thanks in advanced

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So I went to Players tonight.  Same place (old Skin), same location.  TS night is only Monday now, no more Sunday. 

Pulled into lot around 9:45pm.  Only 5 others cars in the lot.  Can be a bad sign :)  I saw a girl jumping out of the car so figured some or most girls get a ride or Uber.

As I got out of the car, an older gentleman was walking out of the club, appeared to walking home and lived in the neighborhood..  So I asked for some intel.   He said with some frustration and distain, ‘there is transgendered girls in there.  Only 2 of them, and you will be the 2nd client in there’.  I laughed and said, ‘I am here, I will give it a shot.’  He responded again, ‘they are transgendered girls’.  I Laughed pretty hard lol. 

$25 to get in. 

I walked in and there 3 girls visible.  1 was already talking to a client, and the other 2 were talking to each other.  Once I walked in and ordered a drink, one came over.  She is a pretty girl, brunette Latina named Jaime.  Very passble but no boobs.  The other Latina was blonde and also very good looking. 

Jaime and I sat and talked for about 15 minutes.  The other Latina danced for us, and she was pretty good on the pole.  While we got to know each other, 2 more girls came out from the dressing room, both girls were black with sexy looks.    I liked Jaime as we made small talk and she didn’t seem like a greedy girl or a girl playing off ‘their bad luck’ to make a buck. She was not desperate, no stories about school bills or car problems.

Jaime asked me about a dance.  $50 for one dance or $200 for VIP (20 minutes).  I opted for VIP.  We went back to the VIP area and it’s was quiet, discrete, and was left alone.  She got another $100 out of me but it was well worth it.  Beautiful girl with nice equipment.    What I also like was sh

I only wish I lived closer.  I would go see Jaime again.  Such a sweetheart, and very beautiful to boot.  If I lived closer, she offered to give her cell but I won’t be back until maybe fall. 

All in all, if you want to visit, make sure you have your dollars and cents.  Also be prepared for a limit crowd and interaction immediately when you get there.  But definitely worth it

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