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Had a dream w Platinum pleasure Cindy. I saw her a year ago late at night didn’t fair to well. Well this dream was different

i arrive and see Cindy sitting on the bed like a school girl, now she looks young especially w braces and her succulent lips. She is really a pretty girl like her photos. Perfect bum and juicy C tits. We make out slowly and I move down to her wonderful breasts watching her nipples get hard and listening to her moan really got me going. 

I laid her down and mounted her DFk/LFK she wasn’t into this last year.  I moved down to her breasts for a few minutes than her stomach to her pubic bone.  I dined for a good 10 min while she nearly baked a cookie and became extremely wet.  So wet I decided to go for CTS which she seemed to enjoy.  I don’t usually do it for long but she seemed to get off on it moaning away and felt good for me but I knew I wouldn’t cum so I kinda let her have it.  She really enjoyed CTS 

we decided to suit up & lubed up as I knew she is tight. She was very wet & the lube actually felt pretty good.  I worked my way in very deep and thrusted slowly, sometime coming all the way out and back in as far as possible.  Her eyes rolled back and she began be extremely vocal.  I decided she liked it so I slammed it in harder and she started to pull my ass in.  Wow very hot!  During this we lightly DFK the whole time.  I felt like we were performing in front of others.  

Time to put her on the side and scissor action which she seemed to give a look of hurt and I was about to stop and she said no!   Mi gusto.  I was likely ok and we went on for a few more minutes. Next sitting knees close doggie with he sitting up hopping on me.  Making out and grabbing her beautiful breasts more. I could tell she enjoyed but it was time for regular doggie where I pounded away and she took it all. Directly opposite last encounter.  

Than it was time CG RCG & back to CG so she could put it exactly where she wants while she baked a cookie.  I really enjoy it when my partner likes it.  Makes the whole thing that much better. 

Finally asian CG where I couldn’t hold on any more.  We started slow when fast and she lead the way which surprised me. I thought to myself she really likes it.  We both showered and than I gave her a massage which returned the favor. I had 10 min left and just looking at her kitty I began DATY again which she enjoys.  I’ve had good sessions w PP and had some weak visits the last few. This was bar none a great visit.  So hot. She has a great spinner body, big tits for her frame, awesome lips and a sexy cute face to match her body. Imagine the hot girls walking around the mall well that’s Cindy.  

Enjoy and book w confidence. 

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Posted (edited)


Great Review.  Seems I remember your last encounter with CINDY & was a bit dismayed.

Especially since all the Chilenas I've encountered are Wickedly WONDERFUL.

Kinda like CINDY's Pics 😘

I've had Woderful Sessions with PP - as Always YMMV

Only had one Weak Session with BBBJ & CCG, but I still got my Rocks Off.

Kinda like your first CINDY Session.

I've had Repeat Sessions with Wonderful ATF's Late at Night, but they are usually worn out by that time, after 3 or 4 Guests.

Their Tits & Pussy are Tender. The Demeanor is Great because to them, being Regular, you too are an ATF.

That being said, the Session is Good but Subpar.

So I Usually don't Schedule late nights anymore.

Grest REVIEW thanks for the update.  She is Awesome & this is what we EXPECT from GFE SESSION.

PP has a lot of Hotties Right Now !!!



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