The PAY WITH CASH method of joining the VIP CLUB

For those of you that want to pay with cash and maintain TOTAL DISCRETION and ANONYNIMITY follow the simple steps below:


 Here are your options:

1 - Just go ahead and use a Visa/MC/Discover

If you are concerned about someone snooping into these things you have nothing to worry about.  All you are doing is purchasing a membership on a website.

If you are concerned about your wife or boss finding out then you will be interested to know that these transactions show up very discreetly on the credit card statement.  It will appear as:  ILM FORT LAUDERDALE  954-236-####


 2 - Purchase one or more PREPAID VISA/MC CARDS from any grocery store or drugstore.  (No AMEX)
Things to keep in mind when paying with a prepaid or gift Visa/MC card.

 -- There are several different varieties of these cards out there. 

-- There are two main categories that these cards fall into:

     GIFT CARD ... Fixed value ... Non-reloadable. Typically they come in $25, $50, $100 denominations. Once you have spent the money the card can be thrown away.

     GENERAL-PURPOSE ... Reloadable ... Can be used over and over again. Usually a fee for each reload

     Useful information about prepaid cards:

-- Some of them need to be activated after you purchase them. 

-- Before attempting to use the card check your available balance.  This can usually be done with a website or a toll-free number

-- Sometimes there are fees that will reduce the balance on the card.  So a $100 card may have only $99 available making it impossible to get a $100 authorization.  If that is the case then it is not a big deal if you are a few dollars short.

-- When filling out the form on the IndiBoard HERE you can usually use fake information for the name and address.

-- If you need to use two cards for one transaction just go through the payment process two times, using the same name and address each time.

-- If you are having problems completing the transaction online you can send me the card info and I will try for you.  Do this only if you have tried all options.  Make sure to send me the CARD NUMBER, EXPIRATION DATE, 3 DIGIT CODE, if you registered with a fake name and address let me know what you used.

-- Do not throw away the card, packaging, or the cash register receipt until you have confirmation from me that your payment has been successfully processed.

Thank you for your patience. These prepaid/gift cards are great convenience but sometimes can be a pain in the butt.


3 - You can send the payment to me via PayPal online ... or ... you can pick up a PayPal gift card at a variety of retail locations.     If you decide to do this then just ask me for the email address.


4 - You can deposit cash straight into my bank account at BB&T ... Just ask for the info if you want to do this.


5 - You can mail me a money order ... Cash is not recommended ... Just ask for the name and address